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Odor Remediation for Real Estate Professionals

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There are few things more frustrating than when you uncover a serious odor problem in your client’s home. What’s worse is that the client often is not aware that a problem exists.  The last thing any of us want to do is to tell someone their home smells awful. The issue is compounded because you think that there is little that can be done anyway.

Likewise, if you are representing a buyer you don’t want to steer them into a home where they later uncover a bad pet odor. This happens.

We are experts in removing odors and we can help.

  • Our proprietary methodology gets rid of odors, virtually 100% of the time.  It’s fast,  efficient and minimally disruptive to the home.
  • We specialize in removing pet and tobacco smoke odors which are the hardest odors to deal with in a home.
  • Lets us, as an objective 3rd party expert, communicate to your client the nature of the odor problem and how to resolve it.
  • If you’re on the buy side, and looking at a home that has had previous pets, recognize that just because the house doesn’t smell now, that doesn’t mean it won’t smell later.  Older urine smells in carpet may not emerge until they become hydrated as happens during carpet cleaning. Our pet odor inspection can quickly identify these problems before the home is purchased, giving you the flexibility to discuss remediation before, not after, the purchase transaction is completed.

The most common causes of serious home odors are pets and smoking, cooking (either with spice or grease) and mold. There are countless products available that promise to be the cure-all for odor problems. Unfortunately, there is no single silver bullet that will solve all odor issues.

There’s no substitute for experience and that makes choosing the right company the most important step to effectively remediating the issue, saving you both time and money. We target issues at the source and at the molecular level with our proprietary science-based products and methodology to ensure permanent resolution.

At Level One, we only use ecofriendly products and services that are safe for both people and pets.  Our processes are minimally invasive to your home, office, and daily routine.


Don’t just mask your odor issues — resolve them at the source with Level One.

Is your home or office struggling with a tough, lingering odor issue? Call us and schedule an on-site evaluation today as the first step to resolving the issue.