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Indoor Air Quality


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend an average of approximately 90% of their time indoors. Whether it be at the office or in your home, that’s a lot of time inside!

What’s more, the same report explained that concentrations of some pollutants are often between two and five times higher indoors than outside. In other words, the recycled indoor air we are exposed to most of the time could be filled with toxins and irritants making us ill.

For those individuals most susceptible to the adverse effects of pollutants and allergens, this is a frightening aspect. And it’s even worse when you consider that those very individuals, cancer patients, transplant recipients, post-surgery cases, the very young and elderly, and the chronically ill, tend to spend even more time indoors than others!

Fortunately, you have options — you don’t have to live with the poor indoor air quality that makes you suffer any longer. Level One uses non-toxic products and methods to help neutralize the allergens in your home or office by breaking them down at the molecular level. This is a very different methodology than many of the current products on the market, which, while providing a sanitizing effect, leave the organic material intact — meaning it retains its allergenic properties.

By targeting your air quality challenge at a molecular and biological level, we resolve the problem at the source. In this way, we minimize the risk of any ongoing allergenic effect.

In addition to being eco-friendly and non-toxic, our methods are safe around pets and people and minimally disruptive to your home.

We know you want to stay healthy and safe in your own home and office more than anywhere else. Don’t let pet, dust, mold, or pollen allergens and toxins make you miserable in your own space. Call Level One and schedule an on-site evaluation to start living with cleaner, safer indoor air quality.

Don’t let pet, dust, mold or pollen allergies make you miserable in your own home. Call Level One and schedule an on-site evaluation as the first step to resolving the issue.